For an entrepreneur, access to capital is of the utmost importance. Capital makes innovation and business growth possible. Low capital costs sharpen the competitive edge of your business.

We know how investors think. This knowledge can be useful for you – a head start on the knowledge that can make you more successful, as access to capital is facilitated by an understanding of the interests and thought processes of the investor. The correct form of capitalization represents a significant competitive advantage in today’s business world. 

We can advise on:

  • The choice of capitalization form and the correct combination of financing forms
  • Everything regarding the implementation of the desired financing form

We can implement:

  • The execution of the desired capitalization methods
  • The optimization of your existing capitalization situation

We can protect your interests against those of your investor. The desired injection of capital is rendered possible and your capital costs are reduced.

A further advantage: Stefan Brozyna is a qualified technician and is thus able to understand the technical aspects of the capitalization measures. This can be a significant advantage when dealing with investors and their technical advisors.

If you would like our professional help, please contact us on

01 8049192 or:

Use our knowledge!

Knowledge check

We can inform you about current opportunities and ways of procuring capital and you can discover the advantages that different financing instruments have to offer. Together, we can decide which of these is right for you.

This service is free – you only have to cover our travel expenses.

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