Since the financial crisis the profit of your business has become more important than ever before. An improved rating lowers your capital costs!

You can only take measures to improve your credit assessment and thus lower your capital costs if you first understand the criteria of the credit assessment. It is here that the rating improving advice from Avant Consult comes in. we can create transparency and work out concrete measures for yield improvement!

Furthermore, we can show you what influences the different financing forms have on the yield and balances of your business.

Let us support you in this matter and target quantifiable success!

If interested, please contact us on +43 804 91 92 or: 

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We can inform you about current opportunities and ways of procuring capital and you can discover the advantages that different financing instruments have to offer. Together, we can decide which of these is right for you.

This service is free – you only have to cover our travel expenses.

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