Business Angels (BA) are wealthy private individuals who get involved in SMEs with share capital. Through this the equity equipment of the business is strengthened and growth facilitated. There is also the opportunity to bring foreign capital into the business through the equity injection by the BA. BAs are co-founders, investors and advisors in one.

Therefore ask yourself – what contacts and knowledge should your BA have? Make a list (marketing, legal advice, tax advice, technical advice, strategy advice, controlling). The knowledge and skills of the BA should be complementary to yours. A BA with a technical background is therefore less useful to a business team with three technicians.

When choosing a BA, personal and emotional sensitivities also play a large role, meaning that is not just economic numbers that count.

We will gladly help you find a suitable BA!

The involvement of a BA in your project increases its reliability in the eyes of outsiders. It is assumed that your project/ business idea can hold up to scrutiny.

The investment level of a BA is usually between 50 000 and 500 000 Euros (in special cases this can be up to 1 000 000 Euros)

Please note that your business idea is only interesting for a BA if the proof of concept can be accounted for, i.e. the proof that the installation on the market is possible.

We will gladly support you in the search for a suitable BA and prepare you for talks with your BA. We can also, if desired, negotiate the contract conditions for you. And so we bring businesses and investors together!

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We can inform you about current opportunities and ways of procuring capital and you can discover the advantages that different financing instruments have to offer. Together, we can decide which of these is right for you.

This service is free – you only have to cover our travel expenses.

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