• Why have an independent consultant for capital procurement?
    • Our neutrality ensures you get the best possible solution and allows us to view all bidders and potential capitalisation instruments with total objectivity.
  •  Why AvantConsult?
    • We boast 15 years of experience in financing businesses and can understand how investors think. Our technical background gives us an understanding of the system, which can be very helpful in discussions with the investor and his technical advisors.
  • What services can I expect?
    • You will receive the right capitalization solution for you. We will advise you with regards to choice of investor and/or will set the desired solution into place. Investors can be banks, leasing societies etc. – it is completely up to you and what the situation demands. This can also be topped off with additional offers that AvantConsult offer: the optimization of capital costs for ongoing contractual obligations, management of financing risks, yield management etc.
  • What will ACs services cost me?
    • You can choose from three possible payment options: hourly fee, contingent fee or through business shares (mostly in the case of Start Ups.
  • What will they cost me if the intended solution isn’t possible?
    • That depends on the contractual agreement between you and AC. In case of services rendered purely on a contingent fee basis, you are not liable to pay. In case of a fee agreement (on a flat rate or hourly basis), you are liable to pay the agreed amount.
  • How can I get in contact with AC?
    • By telephone, Skype or in person. We also offer a free financing check. You only have to pay travel costs and can find out about current financing opportunities on the capital market and how you can implement these.
  •  Where and how is it possible to have a meeting?
    • In your office, in our Vienna office or in another place of your choosing
  • When is it possible to have a meeting?
    • A meeting is possible between two and four days after your enquiry. We recommend outlining the basic points of your concerns in advance by phone or Skype.
  • What documents do I need?
    • For an initial consultation: none! For the financing phase, all the relevant project and business documents are required. Questions? Just ask us!
  • What else should I know?
    • We work hand in hand with a network of experts from various fields (marketing, supply, legal, patent) – both nationally and internationally. If we can’t help you, our friends probably can!
  • What else is there to do?
    • Ask us – a non-binding enquiry can quickly establish how we can help you – just do it!




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We can inform you about current opportunities and ways of procuring capital and you can discover the advantages that different financing instruments have to offer. Together, we can decide which of these is right for you.

This service is free – you only have to cover our travel expenses.

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