Your advantages:

  • Improved financing opportunities
  • Lower capital costs
  • Knowledge of different financing instruments
  • Faster financial execution
  • Preparation for the financing situation
  • Independence for a neutral choice of financing type and partner


  • Lower capital costs
  • Improved financing chances and conditions
  • Faster implementation of capitalization measures


  • Advice regarding all possible capitalization instruments
  • Optimization of capitalization combinations as well as financing conditions
  • Analysis and improvement of pre-existing financing requirements
  • Compilation of the required documents for financing (business plan, prognosis research, finance plan…)
  • Compilation of professional financing documents for the investor
  • Preparation for your talks with investors
  • Preparation for negotiations with investors
  • If desired: leading of negotiations with financing partners
  • Early recognition of weaknesses in the financing of your enterprise
  • Choice of financing partner (if desired, contact with banks, sponsors, investors
  • Involvement/ choice of sponsor
  • Reconciliation of capitalization measures with your long term business goals and strategies
  • Evaluation of credit collateral and agreements
  • We can accompany you through your application for financing/sponsorship/ liability at your bank
  • Improvement of your bank rating by lowering capital costs
  • Measures for later capital procurement
  • Management of interest, currency and commodity risks
  • Representation against the bank’s Ombudsman

Knowledge check

We can inform you about current opportunities and ways of procuring capital and you can discover the advantages that different financing instruments have to offer. Together, we can decide which of these is right for you.

This service is free – you only have to cover our travel expenses.

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